Restaurant Marketing E-Book

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The Ultimate Marketing E-Book For Restaurant Owners

In this brand new ebook, you will discover proven and powerful marketing strategies that hundreds of successful restaurant owners are using right now to get more diners and guests with small marketing budgets!


I have included the information you will want to have to know in order to effectively market your restaurant, but more importantly, I have included the information that you will NEED to know to avoid getting ripped off, losing your sanity, or giving up on your dream.

The book you hold in your hands is unique in four major

  1. This book…is meant to be used as your personal guide to marketing your restaurant in your area. There are plenty of books about running a restaurant or cooking food, but this is the first book to extensively focus on marketing your restaurant.
  2. This book…prepares you to become an expert at getting diners into your restaurant by empowering you with the exact information you need to know to market your restaurant. Nothing has been left out.
  3. This book…breaks down all the vital parts of writing marketing messages that get butts in your seats. It is not just a few scattered pages about marketing online, ads, training staff, and so on. This book gives you the birds-eye view and then swoops down for an in-the-trenches inspection of each piece of the restaurant marketing formula.
  4. This book…hands you the keys to unlock every piece of knowledge and resource that you will need to successfully market your restaurant.

After reading this one-of-a-kind restaurant marketing blueprint
you will know:

  1. How to use a simple piece of paper and a pencil to create marketing pieces that bring in thousands of dollars to your restaurant within five to ten days.
  2. The easy way to set up marketing systems that run on autopilot and allow you to increase your profits by more than you’ve ever dreamed would be possible.
  3. The key to inspiring your wait staff to happily boost your average check size by ten, twenty, or even thirty percent without coming across as pushy salespeople.
  4. The security of success because you’ll finally be confident in yourself because you have the knowledge, tools, and resources to stabilize your sales, profits, and personal income.

By investing in this book, you opened the door to an entire library of information about marketing your restaurant that will serve as a guiding light of inspiration, encouragement, and sometimes an occasional slap on the wrist. Throughout the book of this book, you will notice many references to online resources that accompany this guide that will provide checklists, worksheets, and guidelines to accelerate you on your path to becoming a restaurant marketing expert. Use these resources, as they will provide valuable support on your journey.

See you on the inside,
Charles Ho.


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