Restaurant Marketing Online Course

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Your Restaurant Success Confession

  1. I will think about all the ways I can charge higher prices for a premium experience.
  2. I will think about the habits I need to develop in order to accomplish my big goals.
  3. I will read, watch and listen to things that support my belief that success is truly possible in every area of my restaurant.
  4. I will know that I’ll never be successful if I’m always stuck in the kitchen.

My Success Beliefs

  • A marketing strategy can only be successful if I fully implement it and test it out for an extended amount of time.
  • If there is a marketing strategy that works in other restaurants, then it can work in my restaurant and in my market.
  • It’s always better to invest a week or two initially setting up a process, system, or strategy so that I can profit from that work for many years.
  • As long as a marketing strategy generates customers, sales, and profits, then it’s not too expensive.
  • Having good food, a great location, and trained staff are no longer good enough by themselves. I need to carve out a special place in the hearts and minds of my customers.
  • I must invest in attending conferences, books, and qualified experts to help me always improve my restaurant.
  • The amount of profits that I make are directly dependent on my ability to train, lead, inspire, and manage my staff.


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